How does funding work?  Do we need to repay the investments?

Nonprofit investments will be structured as grants.  For-profit ventures will be given the investment in the form of a forgivable loan which is only collected if the enterprise is successful.  In other words, be bold!  We want you to feel empowered to take a risk in your creative pursuits to help people like Maude.

Who can apply?

Nonprofits, for-profits, and individuals.  If an individual is chosen for Maude's Venture's, they may be asked to create an LLC or similar entity to be the recipient of the investment.

Who will evaluate applications?

Three groups will offer input on the evaluations - a team of people living with dementia and their care partners, the Maude’s Awards advisory board, and the Richard and Maude Ferry Foundation board.

How do I apply?

Submit an application online by clicking above on "Apply Now."  If you prefer to submit a written or emailed copy, PDFs of our application are also available on request.

When can I apply?

Applications are open until July 1, 2021.  Funding decisions will be announced by the third week of July.

Who do I reach out to with questions?

Quentin Orem, Executive Director of Maude's Ventures and the supporting Ferry Foundation, can be reached at quentin@maudesventures.org