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See how we are partnering with Santa Clara University to bring about innovations in dementia care.

 Santa Clara University

Project Overview

Maude’s Ventures @ SCU is a novel partnership to cultivate innovation in dementia care practices to meet the rising needs of this population as well as introduce students and faculty from numerous disciplines to the innovation process, therefore creating a pipeline of engineering and innovation talent for the field.  


Project Design

The multi-year innovation project moves through the design process, educating students on these habits of mind. The design thinking loop informs the organization of the learning experiences for a range of student profiles. Each stage and team bridges to the next, while consistently keeping the objective and stakeholders first in mind.

Summer 2022 | The Memory Hub hosts Maude’s Design Sprint

12 - 15 faculty and students at SCU travel to Seattle, Washington to engage in a design workshop with the Memory Hub team, caregivers, people living with dementia, and professionals in the Alzheimer’s field.

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Fall 2022 - End of 2024 | Research and Development at SCU

The Bioinnovation Lab forms a Project Team of faculty and students around the winning idea and spends the next two years developing this innovation. The runner-up ideas from the Design Sprint are refined and then introduced to a group of faculty and students as topics for capstone and independent study projects.  

2025 and Beyond | Commercialization

The Project Team, in partnership with the venture pipeline at SCU (Idea School, Accelerator Prep School and Bronco Venture Accelerator), will seek investment and leadership to bring at least one (and possibly more) new innovation to market.


Are you interested in partnering with us like Santa Clara University? If so, begin the process by filling out this form, and let’s begin innovating together!

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